Wireless Certification Testing

Wireless Certification Testing Service across the UK

Lattice Communications offers exceptional pre-certification testing services for your wireless devices such as smartphones, routers, IoT devices laptops, and much more. Pre-certification testing for wireless devices is the mainstay of wireless quality assurance. This pre-certification test should be considered with high product safety risks, electronic equipment and/or brand new products.

A product takes a considerable time to take its actual physical shape from when it was first conceived as an idea. During this time countless hours are invested to shape the course towards the development of one final masterpiece. After the product takes its final shape, it is time for certification. At this time you do not want to risk late penalties and definitely do not want to bear redesign costs. This is where we come in! Lattice Communications offers the best pre-certification testing for your wireless devices so that your final product gets certified without giving you a chronic headache.

Our experts came up with an amazing step by step process to test your wireless devices prior to certification tests. This ladder analysis focuses on device functionality under certain conditions, measures typical radio conditions, measures the transmission and receiver performance of the radio frequency, and the overall performance of your wireless product under varying network conditions.

Benefits of A Pre-Certification Wireless Testing Service

Pre certification test for wireless testing by Lattice Communications is essentially a vetting process to find out what needs to be fixed in your device before you subject it to certification testing.

There are multiple benefits of opting for a pre-certification testing service. By choosing the pre-certification test by Lattice Communications, you make sure to avoid;

  • Any redesign costs, as well as re-qualification cost for the product
  • Any delays in the launch of your new product
  • Any errors in the baseline functions of the device and much more

Bear in mind that Pre-certification testing does not in itself assure successful certification, rather it is a useful method to understand your device better and to make changes to it before it goes for testing.


Wireless Certification Testing with Lattice Comms

Wireless test and certification is important to help save you troubles later on and Lattice Communications, being certified wireless security professionals, offers nothing but the best. We also offer testing of wireless technologies like radio testing and router testing  services for all networking equipment to our clients. Lattice Communications has already gained a big name in the field of networking solutions by providing exceptional networking solutions to thousands of clients. Services such as GPS receiver and equipment testing, Fiber Optic component testing, and IP Phones testing services have made us the leading networking solutions provider in the entire UK. We have a policy of satisfying our customers and that is the only policy we bear in mind when we work. Our Pre-Certification testing service has proved immensely popular among huge network service providers. We take pride in a satisfied audience, and our work ethic and professionalism are evident in the services we provide. Call today to see for yourself!