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Radio Testing Services | Get The Best Radio Testing Services in UK

Radio Testing

Radio Testing Services

Lattice Communications provides you with the best network solutions and expert advice. Our certified network experts offer Radio Testing service for all your network equipment. Our network experts recommend testing your network equipment often to ensure a stable and reliable connection. Before you read about the Radio Testing service that Lattice Communications offers, here is a brief overview of what Radio frequency communication is and why you should get it tested.

What is Radio Testing?

Radio communication is probably the most common form of communication in the modern world. This form of communication is what makes our interactions wireless. All your wireless equipment use radio frequency communication to interact with each other for data transmission. These radio and telecommunications use radio frequencies in a specified spectrum to avoid irrelevant interference with other telecommunication modules and devices. If there is an interference between different radio spectrums, the communication can be poor, unreliable, or even hampered.

Radio Testing By Lattice Communications

Lattice Communications offers advanced radio frequency testing to ensure a safe and reliable mode of network communication by your devices. Network devices that use radio communication are regulated by laws (FCC, R&TTE Directive, IC etc.) set by international authorities to ensure a mode of transmission that is not prone to interfere with other radio transmission spectrums and is also safe for human use.

Our radio testing service offers

  • Radio frequency power output and spectral density
  • Occupied bandwidth assessment
  • The time taken for transmission and any delays
  • Data receiving analysis
  • Undesired out of band leakage
  • And your radio frequency stabilization measured over varied temperatures.

Radio testing service offered by Lattice Communications not only looks at whether your devices are communicating properly and not interfering with other spectrums, it also ensures that your products are compliant with international radio safety laws which make your network devices safe to use.

In case you need more than just radio testing services, Lattice Communications also offers high-end Router Testing, Fiber Optic Component Testing, and GPS receiver and equipment testing services which are highly recommended by networking experts all over the UK. Lattice Communications is a trusted brand and a leading service provider when it comes to providing networking solutions. We have thousands of satisfied customers testifying to our professional standards. Be it IP phones testing services or any other such need, Lattice communications is your number one destination. We also offer Pre-Certification testing for wireless equipment so that you can get the confidence you need before your product undergoes final certification testing. For any queries, or to seek an expert advice, call us at +44 186 922 8639 today!

Radio testing