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Telecommunication Certification Body - Laticecomms

Telecommunication Certification Body

Telecommunication Certification Body – LatticeComms

Lattice Communications is an internationally recognized Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) that aims to provide you with testing and certification of your telecommunication and networking products in the development phase of their production. Our testing and certification services are top-of-the-line quality assurance tests that help your product reach bigger markets and an even bigger audience, all in a flash.

Most of the time, testing and certifications are what stand between your product and the market. If your product is not in compliance with the regulations set by international authorities, it may get stuck in a long spiral of fixing and retesting. This long process halts your product development and renders it incapable of achieving the target audience it potentially could. Lattice Communications offers the best and easiest testing and certification solutions. Lattice Communications has FCC accreditation which enables us to effectively monitor and test your telecom product before it hits the market.

An FCC certification is required for networking and telecom products before they can be sent to markets to be sold. Federal Communications Commission is responsible for this and the rules and regulations for this certification are set in Article 47 which is readily available on their website. A telecommunication certification body or a TCB is appointed under the same article. In short, this allows you to choose from multiple telecommunication certification bodies or TCBs to obtain proper certification for your telecom product.

The benefits of choosing an internationally fcc recognized telecommunication certification body such as Lattice Communications for your certification process is that our screening process and ultimate certification allow your product to travel fast, and to travel far and according to fcc rules. Our screening methods evaluate your product for any errors and incompetence in the developmental stage so that it can be fixed before it is put forth for final certification. This enables your telecom products to reach the market faster and also ensures that your telecom product stays ahead of its competitors.

We provide:

  • Fast and reliable testing service. Your applications are processed within a day of submission!
  • Our telecom testing and certification experts are always available for consultation and providing you the guidance to gain proper certification.
  • Lattice Communications is internationally recognized as one of the leading network and telecom solutions provider. The work we do for you is praised by millions across the globe!

Contact us at or call at +44 186 922 8639 to build a tailor-made testing service solution that works for your business and can grow over time.


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