FCC Certification and Testing

FCC Certification and Testing – Compliance Testing

Lattice Communications provides independent FCC testing and certification procedures for your telecom products to ensure a faster marketing for your product.

All your electrical, telecommunication and networking products need to be tested and certified before they can be sold. One of these certifications is an FCC or a Federal Communications Commission certification that needs to be obtained before the product hits the markets. An FCC certification ensures that your product is safe to use in the presence of other electrical devices. An FCC testing service checks whether or not your device will interfere with other electrical devices, whether it is broadcasting in the right frequency range, and whether or not the device meets the international standards.

Our FCC certification process is fast and reliable, and we make sure that the process starts as soon as possible. An FCC certification is the distance between your product and the market and we make sure to help you cover that distance as soon as possible – your applications undergo processing within a day of submission!

The Federal Communications Commission FCC is the legislative body for implementing communication laws and regulations. The rules and regulations are published in article 47 and available for everyone to read. Our testing and certifications service is FCC approved and in compliance with the FCC rules and regulations laid down in Article 47 by the FCC itself. Our testing service is made to provide you with satisfaction during the designing stage of your product. This ensures a smooth run for your product once you put it out in the markets.

Lattice Communications provides independent FCC testing and certification that is bound to make your product reach the markets and engage a bigger audience twice as much. Our FCC accreditations make us your number one choice for all your wireless and radio telecommunication products testing.

Contact us at admin@latticecomms.com or call at +44 186 922 8639 to build a tailor-made testing service solution that works for your business and can grow over time.


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