Competitive Agility

Competitive Agility with LatticeComms

Competitive Agility refers to the swiftness of a company in latching onto opportunities. It is simply the quality of a company to observe and analyze the changing trends of the modern world, and molding itself into the exact shape required for effectiveness and productivity. Competitive Agility also refers to a competitive advantage a company can win over its counterparts by staying vigilant and adopting the latest trends in the market. This competitive agility is often obtained by investing equally in growth, profitability, sustainability, and trust. An agile organization is often able to change its directions while moving at an appreciable speed with control and balance.

Companies that try and incorporate competitive agility into their core strategy often have to ask themselves several questions. Questions like what qualities need to be acquired to overcome a specific roadblock? Or, what skillset is required to meet the competition head-on? These questions are addressed both to the people running the company and the values behind the cause. If a company’s design model is unable to answer these questions in an acceptable manner then it is time to update and implement better policies to get the organization up and running in the modern world. An organization weak in its foundations of strategy, thus, cannot answer these questions in the way competitive agility requires.

Telecom industries are not usually referenced as agile models, quite a few changes in the recent trends have made it possible for telecom industries to assume a more competitive model. It is still difficult for telecom industries to adopt a competitive agile model though, because of the rigid hierarchies and technicalities. Legacy systems, mindset, and structural organizations are the main problems that hinder the development of this particular business model in telecom. However, LatticeComms takes pride in its successful adaptation of a competitive agility model.

LatticeComms takes pride in its durability and flexibility to face and overcome any adversities that come. Our experts believe in competitive marketing and agility and therefore we are the world’s leading brand when it comes to networking and telecommunication solutions. Our core values are represented in the work we do, and our work reflects the advantage of competitive agility.