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IP Phones Testing Services | Best IP Phone Testing Services in UK

IP Phones Testing

IP Phones Testing Services

Lattice Communications provides you with the best network solutions. Our certified network experts offer IP Phone Testing service and expert advice that is bound to make sure that your communications stay fast and reliable. Before you read about our IP Phones testing service, here is a brief overview of what IP Phones are and how they work.

What are IP Phones?

IP phones are the modern world’s solution to a massive increase in geographical distance between points of communication. With these ever-increasing distances, communication is always at a risk of getting cut-down. IP Phones use Internet protocol to transmit audio which ensures a faster, safer, and more reliable way to allow for your audio communication to travel to its destination.

IP Phones use the Internet connection to transmit your audio communication to the target point. Unlike traditional phones, IP phones do not use copper or other traditional wires for audio communication. Instead, IP phones make use of network cables to connect to your internet service. This enables the transmission of data through the internet using these phones with less packet loss.

An IP Phone converts an audio analog signal into a digital signal using an AD (analog to digital) converter. This digital signal is able to surf through your network cable, mounting on your internet, to your internet service provider. From there this signal is transmitted to the target where it is converted to an audio analog signal once again. The whole process is much faster, reliable, and relatively cheaper for audio communication than the traditional wiring system.

IP Phones Testing by Lattice Communications

Lattice Communications provides the best and most innovative solutions for all your network problems. We understand that with an increasing demand to cover distances in communication there is an innate pressure on network service providers and manufacturers to increase production as much as they can – and beyond. This is bound to leave gaps in quality assurance and network service quality. Lattice communications provide you the IP Phones quality test for the best voice quality you need. We evaluate your network products for you – especially your IP Phones. Lattice communications do this by testing the end-to-end communication quality and acoustic performance using top-tier evaluation methods developed by our network experts. Since IP Phones convert your audio into a digital signal, it is imperative that the quality of this processed digital sample be checked before it is transmitted and our objective evaluation makes sure that your product is communicating at a standard that is in compliance with the international ITU-T standards.

Our IP Phone testing service will make sure your communication stays free of noise, echo and other such barriers. Our IP Phones evaluation checks for latency, jittering, and keeps a tap of the upload and download speeds as well.

IP phone testing Latticecomms

Lattice Communications also provides test equipment and other network testing services such as Router Testing and Radio Testing services. Our GPS receiver and equipment testing services and our fiber optic component testing services are top of the line. With the help of our Pre-Certification testing for wireless equipment, you can save yourself from getting stuck in an endless cycle of re-configuring and re-marketing your product. Lattice Communications offers unparalleled innovative networking solutions, everything combined to ensure a fast and reliable IP Phone testing service – curated especially for you!

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