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Lattice Communications provides you with the best network solutions and expert advice. Our certified network experts offer Router Testing service for your new and old routers and cisco router test. Our network experts recommend testing your routers often to ensure a stable and reliable network traffic allocation. Before you read about the Router Testing service that Lattice Communications offers, here is a brief overview of what Network Routers are and how they work.

What are Network Routers?

Network router component are devices that can be considered as absolute essentials in networking. These network hubs receive “data packets” and decide where these packets belong. Data packets are short data collections labeled with the network address information to which they belong. A network router reads these labels and the network address within them to analyze where the received data packet should go. After the evaluation of the address and the data itself, the router sends it on its way to the target destination.

Simply put, a Network Router is the traffic policeman of data communication through the internet. It stands at a junction where data is received from different pathways and directs these traffic sources to their designated locations. This discussion should make it clear that Network Routers are imperative in data transmission and, thus, it is extremely important that their proper testing and evaluation be done prior to their purchase and installation. Lattice Communications offers the best network solutions for this purpose.

Network Router Testing by Lattice Communications.

Lattice Communications offers the best router testing service in the town! Our experts test your routers for all their specifics and start off by ensuring that the latest firmware is installed. The tests are performed on a closed network and your router’s network bandwidth allocation is analyzed for top-tier performance. Most routers are either SU-MIMO (single user multiple inputs multiple outputs) or MU-MIMO (multiple users, multiple input multiple output). These allow for receiving data streams from multiple locations and sending it to multiple locations. This requires specialized tools for testing and Lattice Communications offers just the tools to help!

Apart from router test, Lattice Communications also offers radio testing and fiber optic component testing services. See more of our networking services which include GPS receiver and equipment testing as well as Pre-Certification testing for your wireless networking products. Optimize your networking equipment before its final certification with our specially designed testing services which are meant to troubleshoot any problems during the production phase, saving you from the troubles later on. For top-of-the-line IP Phones Testing services, and other such networking aids for your equipment, call us today at +44 186 922 8639.

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