EMC Testing for Telecom

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing for Telecom Equipment

Lattice Communications offers the best Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing for your telecom equipment. With a widely known quality assurance stamp, and a good reputation among hundreds of loyal customers – Lattice Communications is your number one solution for EMC testing of your telecommunication and networking products.

From mobile phones to computer devices and routers, almost all of your telecom and electrical equipment use Electromagnetic circuits. These EM circuits are notorious for emitting electromagnetic radiation that interferes with the proper functioning of your other electric devices which work on the same circuits. This can be problematic because if your device has not undergone an Electromagnetic compatibility test, the electromagnetic spillage from other devices can interfere with your electrical device. Likewise, your device may be spilling some electromagnetic waves which interfere with the proper functioning of other electrical components.

Regulatory bodies around the world have put in emphasis and set limits over electromagnetic spillage to ensure that electrical components around the world continue to function normally. If your electrical product is found to emit large quantities of this interference, your product might suffer terribly as it may take months before it reaches the market after it has been fixed. Lattice Communications provide you with an easy solution in the form of a pre-scan for your telecom products to determine its fitness level for certification.

Lattice Communications offer a one-stop service for EMC Testing and Certification

To prevent this electric spillage from interfering with one another, Lattice Communications provides you with an easy emc compliance solution in accordance with emc regulations and emc standards. Our experts carry out an intricate electromagnetic compatibility testing to make sure that your electric device is good enough to be able to function normally in the presence of radiated and conducted emissions from other electrical devices. This makes sure that your device restores its functions in the presence of other electromagnetic phenomena. Otherwise, your device would go haywire every minute with just your changing geographical position on the map. EMC testing by Lattice Communications does not only detect problems with your EM emissions, but it also provides solutions to fix them. Our experts conduct EMC testing in both anechoic chambers and open area test sites to provide detailed and reliable quality assurance.

electromagnetic capability emc testing

In addition, our electromagnetic capability testing service also offers any recommended upgrades. Thus, we not only detect your equipment or device electromagnetic environment but also work together with your team to mitigate any problems before they become a nuisance.

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