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VoIP Testing Services | Best VoIP Testing Services in UK

VoIP Testing

VoIP Test – Speed and Quality Testing

Lattice communications is a leading brand in the UK when it comes to providing networking solutions. Our VoIP testing services are composed of high quality network testing solutions and VoIP speed test and performance test up to recommended VoIP quality requirements designed by our very own network experts.


VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is an advanced framework for telecommunication that transmits audio signals through the internet connection rather than the traditional circuit transmission method. VoIP transmits the audio signals form our telephones by converting them into digital packets of data using an audio to digital converter. These digital data signals then travel over the internet to reach their destination and then are converted back to audio analogue signals. Using this method of data transmission for telecommunication is both reliable and safe, not to mention extremely fast as well.

For any VoIP connection or voip call, there are certain quality of service requirements for it to function properly. These include:

  • A one-way latency that is less than 150ms
  • Jitter that is less than 1ms
  • Priority bandwidth per call (17 to 106 kbps)
  • Guaranteed bandwidth of 150 bps for voice control traffic

VoIP Testing with LatticeComms

VoIP test include tests of quality metrics like jitter, latency, packet loss and bandwidth by simulating real time call scenarios and measuring the end user experience. Experts at Lattice Communications offer an industry-grade testing solution with our VoIP test tool by real time analysis of communication lapses and ping analysis, performance and speed tests through simulation.

Our VoIP testing solution offer greater capacity and scalability to offer testing for carrier grade applications. Our specially curated VoIP quality test service measures every parameter and analyzes every access to ensure a high quality VoIP network and seamless data transmission.

Our VoIP speed test and quality test includes:

  • Bandwidth capacity
  • Connection quality
  • Network configuration
Voip Testing lattice comms

In addition, our VoIP testing service also offers any recommended upgrades. Thus, we not only detect your network risks before deployment with out voip testing tool, we also work together with your team to mitigate these errors before they become a nuisance.

Contact us at or call at +44 186 922 8639 to build a tailor-made voip service solution that works for your business and can grow over time.


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