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GPS Receiver Testing Services | GPS Testing Services in UK

GPS Receiver Testing

GPS Receiver Testing Services

Lattice Communications offers the best GPS testing solutions for all your networking devices. GPS, or Global Positioning Service, is a radio-navigation system that is based on satellite communication. This system based on information received from a group of satellites orbiting the Earth allows its users to pin-point their geographical location, updated every few seconds, any minute of the day. GPS receiver and equipment testing service offered by Lattice Communications is essential for you if you want to ensure your networking operations run smoothly.


GPS technology has experienced exponential growth in the market since it was introduced. Even now the technology enjoys steady growth. Many network products rely on GPS to provide clients with informed data analysis. It is imperative that the GPS connection quality is in accordance with international standards, otherwise a single out of place calibration can lead to a much bigger error in the bigger picture.

Lattice Communications provides you with an easy GPS receiver and equipment testing service that monitors and analyzes your GPS using networking modules to ensure high-quality international standards of performance. A GPS service should be able to hold together when it is subjected to adverse conditions such as the device coming near to a radio tower, or taken through a road with tall buildings on both sides and other such conditions.

GPS RECEIVER TESTING with Lattice Communications

To test the GPS service, Lattice Communications offers a GPS RF simulator which is a high quality simulation service to assess the connectivity and precision and other perimeters. An RF simulator for GPS replicates the receiver environment by modeling motion, signal strength and characteristics, and external stimuli to analyze the precision of the GPS system. To accurately analyze the performance of GPS, TTFF (time to first fix) is measured. TTFF is defined as a measure of how quickly a receiver performs the signal search process. TTFF is measured in different aspects and a focal assessment of GPS service is provided to the user. To understand more and to get our GPS receiver and equipment testing service, contact Lattice Communications today!

In case you need more than just radio testing services, Lattice Communications also offers high-end Router Testing and Fiber Optic Component Testing which are highly recommended by networking experts all over the UK. Lattice Communications is a trusted brand and a leading service provider when it comes to providing networking solutions. We have thousands of satisfied customers testifying to our professional standards. Be it IP phone testing services or any other such need, Lattice communications is your number one destination. We also offer Pre-Certification testing for wireless equipment so that you can get the confidence you need before your product undergoes final certification testing. For any queries, or to seek expert advice, call us at +44 186 922 8639.