Fiber Optic Components Testing

Fiber Optic Components Testing (FOC Testing)

Lattice Communications offers the most reliable Fiber Optic Components Testing (FOC) service. Fiber Optic Components refer to the:

  • Core – which is carrying the light
  • Cladding – which envelops the core. It has a relatively lower refractory index
  • And the coating – which serves as a protective medium

Fiber optics are used everywhere, from transmitting telephone signals to the internet and cable television transmission. Fiber optics are the pinnacle of wired connectivity in the modern world. These fiber optic cables also play a huge role in networking communications and to ensure that your network is always up and running as it should, our experts recommend Lattice Communications Fiber Optic Component Testing service.

Lattice Communications offers the most reliable FOC testing service that can help you identify whether or not your Fiber Optic Components are in compliance with the international laws and accepted industry standards or not. Fiber Optic Component testing is required to prove that the fiber optics are in fact in accordance with the international standards. Lattice Communications has the expertise required to perform FOC testing service and that too in a very cost-effective way. With our Fiber Optic Component testing, you can be sure that you are getting a faster service delivery and a smoother run of operations without damaging your brand.

What is included in Fiber Optic Components Testing?

Fiber Optic Component testing service includes testing of all cables, connectors, hubs, and other passive optical components. Lattice Communications provides a full range of fiber optics testing for both single mode and multimode components. For every fiber optic, Lattice Communications experts analyze the quality and strength of connectivity, measure and eliminate any end-to-end loss, and determine possibilities to troubleshoot any setbacks in the entire fiber optic component. Our Fiber Optic Testing service also includes checking for continuity issues and intermediate splices for long fiber optics. Intermediate splices are checked with an OTDR. The fiber optics are also tested for power since power is a good indicator of whether your network system is running like it should or not.

Fiber Optic Components Testing with LatticeComms

Our services include but are not limited to Fiber optic component testing. Lattice Communications also provides Radio testing, Router testing, and IP Phones testing services. Our networking solutions are intricate and exquisite, providing a base for your product to excel. Our GPS receiver and equipment testing service provides an in-depth analysis for your GPS equipment. We also provide testing services before your product undergoes certification testing. For this purpose our networking experts have come up with an elegant Pre-Certification testing service that allows for a detailed evaluation in the production phase. Lattice Communications has become a leading networking solutions provider in the entire UK and is on its way to become the only innovative service provider that you’ll need. Call us today to find out more about our services, or to get an expert consultation.

fiber optic component testing