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About Latticecomms – Leading Testing Services Across UK

In 2010, Lattice Communications made it’s debut in London in the ever evolving Internet and telecommunications arena. We are specialists in System Integration Testing (SIT) to bridge the gap between technology and business performance by establishing robust communication channels with our customers across the globe. We have a proven record as a reliable software testing partner providing real device automated and manual testing in synchronous mode at an affordable price. All functional and performance testing are performed by our technical teams depending on your choice of automated or manual testing. We address all the challenges posed by modern and emerging technologies like IoT, device fragmentation support, consistent customer demand for quality and, especially, information security. Our experts assist in revitalizing your existing systems through new and emerging technological trends.

We at Lattice Communications provide end-to-end software testing by identifying system dependencies and assuring data integrity through completeness, accuracy, and consistency of data from multiple sources through crowd testing. Our business-centric and industry-specific technological solutions target our client’s real world business situation. We deliver incremental and scalable client specific innovative solutions

Lattice Communications is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide. Our dedicated teams specialise in mapping potential risks and threats to network structures and websites. We ensure flawless security and safety of your software through artistically designed bespoke automated/manual penetration testing frameworks that guarantee an efficient execution of a testing plan. Our teams not only prepare effective technology rollouts with thorough and comprehensive test plans, but they also administer it’s cost-effective implementation.

Our mission is to administer digital transformation of your business enterprise through agile, modern, and sophisticated software solution stack. We are continuously pushing the boundaries of our imagination by bringing agility and innovation.  The innovative solutions provided by us help our customers to establish their winning streak in the highly competitive digital cosmos. We commit to enhance your business performance by furnishing support to achieve security optimization of your digital products. Our teams are highly flexible, communicative, proactive, and professional and are fully aligned with our mission to deliver secure and scalable software testing solutions that help you accomplish IT based business goals.

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